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Personality Not Included on Jonny’s Par-tay

Great event last night at Busboys & Poets with Personality Not Included author Rohit Bhargava doing a live show with the one and only Jonny Goldstein of If you haven’t read the book yet, I highly recommend checking it out. I posted an interview with Rohit a few weeks ago during the book launch. He focuses on why companies can no longer exist as the faceless, soul-less corporation – today’s social media era simply wont’ allow it. As if any further evidence were needed, Starbucks is a living case study today of a company that once had a remarkable personality, then lost it, and is now doing all that it can to get back to their roots to deliver a unique coffee shop experience again.

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Snapshots from my life.

  • Rocked the #seawheeze half-marathon with the wifey! #spocanada #13.1 #lululemon
  • Sunset yoga on the beach with several hundred of your closest friends. #seawheeze #lululemon
  • Radio tower clouds.
  • Holiday weekends were made for par-3 golf with the bro. #replacethepin
  • It takes a lot of boarding passes to get to New Zealand.