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Washington Post on Marketing and Blogging

The Washington Post published a good article today highlighting local companies who have made blogging an integral part of their marketing strategy. Talking with several local business owners and communication consulatnts including Geoff Livingston, Debbie Weil and Viget Labs’ very own Brian Williams, the WaPost recognized that even though tying a blog strategy directly to the bottom line can be difficult, it is a core building blog of an integrated marketing and communiations strategy.

However, it was interesting to note the example of Bill Marriott’s blog – CEO at Marriott International – which has led to more than $5 million in bookings using the reservations link placed on the blog. It’s a prime example of just one way a blog can be used as dynamic portal for inviting readers to a site through valuable content, connecting the blog to sales opportunities, and properly tracking the site’s usage through proper analytics. Good metrics need to be in place for any blogging or social media strategy – a tactic Viget also discussed in The Washbiz Blog.

You can check out the full article here.

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