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What Happens to Obama’s Online Communities Now?

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It’s a new day in America, and despite the still-looming economic crisis around the world, there is at least for today, a sense of hope and optimism. Across Twitter, blogs and Facebook pages, I’m seeing that hope be vocalized by thousands and thousands of people who over the last year, passionately rallied around Obama and used their personal online platforms to campaign for change.

And it worked.

In just a few months, a new president will take office in large part because of the millions who actively participated online to make such an election possible.

But now the question – among so many other questions – what is to become of these online communities? Does Obama pull a John Edwards and simply stop posting updates on Twitter? Do the countless groups on Facebook or the niche fundraising services on Obama’s site simply go away?

Hopefully not.

If I were on Obama’s team, I would seriously figuring out how to keep these communities alive by continuing to communicate with them straight from the Oval Office. The problems this country faces have not yet been solved simply by the election, and it is going to take continued cooperation by everyone to work on these issues. Use these communities as the new “base” for the party – asking for their volunteer support, sharing ideas and discussing policy options. The House has done a decent job communicating with constituents -might now the Executive Branch finally have a direct line of communication with the American people?

In an interview with Rachel Maddow, Obama indicated he wants to take the ideas about how to use technology on the campaign trail to the government. This is an amazing opportunity to help restore the American people’s faith in government by providing better transparency and more direct access to our leaders.

If you were in charge of Obama’s online strategy, what would you do?

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