Leveraging social media to make great ideas happen

Washington Post on Marketing and Blogging

The Washington Post published a good article today highlighting local companies who have made blogging an integral part of their marketing strategy. Talking with several local business owners and communication consulatnts including Geoff Livingston, Debbie Weil and Viget Labs' very own Brian Williams, the WaPost recognized that even though tying a blog strategy directly to the bottom line can be difficult, it is a core building blog of ...

Why Your Web Site Sucks

Avinash Kaushik - the evangelist for Google Analytics - says one of the main reasons why web sites suck (yes, his word) is because of the hippo - the "highest paid person's opinion." In short, his indictment was that while their opinion carried the most weight thanks to their position, inevitably they were also the person least-closest to the customer, and subsequently the most removed from what the ...

Linking Web Buzz to Mini Sales

As if by divine circumstance after Steph's post about her experience window shopping on the Mini web site,  a recent article highlighted Mini's work to measure the connection between online buzz and actual sales of the diminutive but spunky car. The marketing team worked with MotiveQuest to research and measure what people were saying online about the car and Mini brand, and through their analysis, created the the Online ...

Twitter Trending with Twist

Brand managers rejoice - you now have a tool to track trends in Twitter. Similar to Facebook Lexicon or even Google Trends, Twist is a dead-simple tool for tracking the frequency of keywords in Twitter. Developed by the good people at Flaptor, Twist allows users to see the trend of searched terms over time. Ideally, as conversations continue to leave the blogosphere for other digital outlets, hopefully more services ...

Quantifying the Impact of Social Media

Social media is broad, divergent and at times, seemingly impossible to measure. But that doesn't stop great people from trying, and nor should it. Technobabble has posted a great white paper, "Distributed influence: quantifying the impact of social media," which is a must-read if you haven't already. I'm still working through it myself, and will post my thoughts on it later.

Social Media Dashboards

We live in an information-saturated world. No surprise there. But I'm always intrigued when any kind of aggregation tool hits the market with the potential to help me better collect and analyze heavy streams of information. Be it my Netvibes start page, imperative reads like Techmeme and Digg, or even using Basecamp at work to easily compile and manage projects, I'm increasingly grateful for tools that help me collect, ...

Measuring Social Media with Vidmetrix

Unleashing a viral video on the web is a wonderful thing. Except when you're not sure where it's going. Buzz is beautiful, but not if you can't measure it. Enter Vidmetrix. The new service allows users to automatically upload videos to YouTube, MySpace, Metacafe, Google, Yahoo, Revver and Veoh. But the beauty is in the tracking - from your convenient dashboard, you can track the video's views, comments and blog ...

Social Media Index

Sixtysecondview is a experimenting with a new way to measure online influence. Tracking the number of links was fine for a time, but that couldn't account for the ideas and influence taking shape through Twitter, or Digg. Through a score card that measures strength of blog, Facebook ranking, mini-updates like Twitter, LinkedIn ranking, Flickr ranking and Digg score, they've developed a weighted index to analyze who influences the ...

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