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Advertising Won’t Save Your Crappy Product

I'll say it again - advertising won't save your crappy product. Just ask Microsoft. In response to Microsoft's $300 milllion ad-campaign, Apple launched a new spot deriding Microsoft's ill-fated attempts at restoring Vista's public image. This, from the Denver Egotist: You know, there are some really smart people working on the Apple account at TBWA Media Arts Labs in Playa del Rey. Instead of designing a spot to rip into ...

My New iPhone Can’t Come Soon Enough

Yesterday afternoon I went with the lovely @beautifulthangs to the ATT&T store to order our iPhones. I held off on the first generation in hopes that by some luck Steve Jobs might break the exclusive contract with ATT&T and open the phone up to the Verizon network, but seeing as how that just wasn't happening anytime soon, I decided to take the plunge and make it happen. I'm disappointed ...

Why Doesn’t Apple Get Social Media?

While not fortunate enough to be among those at the Moscone Center on Tuesday to hear Steve Jobs deliver his keynote speech at Macworld 2008, I did tune in via a number of blogs working overtime to give a play-by-play. And as I watched Jobs give yet another masterful presentation, I was again struck by the sheer number and intensity of Apple fans. Hardly any other companies in the ...

Macworld Keynote in 60 Seconds

There’s Something in the Air

And there was great rejoicing. We're just a few hours away now....

Macs Own the Classroom

Okay, fine, I'll jump on the bandwagon and post this photo along with the rest of the Mac-geeks online. And why not? It's these moments that makes me proud to be a Mac-lover. Via Epicenter.

Apple Remembers to Ask

Even with the rollout of a freshly redesigned line of drop-dead gorgeous iMacs, and despite the ridiculous amounts of buzz generated for the iPhone - deservedly so - Apple still remembered to do the most basic thing: ask their customers for their iPhone stories. It doesn't take a million-dollar agency budget to create a simple online form to connect with your customers and get the real story.

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