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Blog Action Day Takes on Poverty

Today is Blog Action Day 08, and right now, 11,717 blogs reaching an estimated audience of 12,549,780 readers are talking about eliminating poverty around the world. While talking about poverty is all fine and good, it's worthless if it doesn't lead to action. The worst thing that could happen right now is if you read this post and then went along without responding. This is the call for justice ...

Twenty Reasons to Blog

BuzzGain posted a good list of twenty reasons to blog, along with measurement points for each listing. The list is good enough that I wanted to share it with you here, but for the metrics listing, you'll need to check out the full post over at BuzzGain: Be a thought leader: E.g. Charlene Li. Generate more leads: E.g.HubSpot Generate awareness in the market of your products / services / your personal brand: E.g. Chris ...

The Times Square Shuffle: My Web 2.0 Expo NYC Recap [Updated]

Of all the signage, presentation slides and general abundance of slogans at the Web 2.0 Expo in New York this week, perhaps my favorite sign was the street sign that read, “7th Ave closed, use the Times Square Shuffle.” Why, yes, I think I'll shuffle right on through this recap of Web 2.0 this week. To begin with, my participation at the conference was entirely fortuitous. Were it not for ...

Washington Post on Marketing and Blogging

The Washington Post published a good article today highlighting local companies who have made blogging an integral part of their marketing strategy. Talking with several local business owners and communication consulatnts including Geoff Livingston, Debbie Weil and Viget Labs' very own Brian Williams, the WaPost recognized that even though tying a blog strategy directly to the bottom line can be difficult, it is a core building blog of ...

Linking Web Buzz to Mini Sales

As if by divine circumstance after Steph's post about her experience window shopping on the Mini web site,  a recent article highlighted Mini's work to measure the connection between online buzz and actual sales of the diminutive but spunky car. The marketing team worked with MotiveQuest to research and measure what people were saying online about the car and Mini brand, and through their analysis, created the the Online ...

Lenovo Recruits Olympic Bloggers

While this political election campaign season has been defined in large part by social media and the communication tools of the Web 2.0 world, it appears this summer's Olympics in China are looking to be equally transformed by a greater democratization of social media access and coverage. That is, if the Chinese government doesn't stand in the way. Lenovo is launching a creative new initiative for this year's games, ...

Personality Not Included

Rohit Bhargava's new book, Personality Not Included, hit bookstores this week, and to promote the launch, Rohit invited bloggers to write in with questions about the book. Who needs an expensive agent when you can simply reach out to bloggers? Below is my interview with Rohit about Personality Not Included (you can read an excerpt of the book here): 1. What companies most impress you for maintaining their ...

Embedded Journalism

We embed video clips, photos and widgets all over the web. But what about pure text? Does copy deserve something more than a simple copy-paste? That's the question Anil Dash is asking: But we've only been using this stuff for the most complicated parts of the web, like rich media. What about text?...But there seems to me to be something really interesting, some kind of potential, to including our posts (or parts ...

Just Be Human

Not to exaggerate the echo-chamber here, but this post from Scout Labs bears sharing. Amid our obsessions with the right technology and social media tools, we can't forget that the ultimate goal is building relationships with real people. And that means listening and responding - participating in the conversation like a real human being.

Kenneth Cole’s Social Justice Blog

Kenneth Cole has joined the ranks of blogging CEOs. But rather than discuss corporate issues, Kenneth Cole's new blog - - focuses on issues of social justice: That's why I want to embrace this freshly released outpouring of opinions, loves, hates, fears and desires under four pillars of discussion that are part of the DNA of my Company and myself: Social Rights, Hard Times, Well-being and Political Landscape. However, ...

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