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Advertising Agencies Need to Make Things

Culture is shaped and influenced by those who create. Who submit a product into the world for consideration. More ad agencies seem to be realizing that they need "to get out of their chrome towers, mingle with the people and soak up the culture." The New York Times highlights several agencies that are branching out with their own products: Bartle Bogle Hegarty's Zag division launched the fashion blog Mrs. O Brooklyn ...

Cannes Gets in on the Creative+Tech

Digital synergy (sorry) across advertising, marketing and pr continues to make headlines, this time at Cannes. Money quotes from AdWeek's wrap-up: The push and pull between traditional creativity -- centered on the big idea and storytelling -- and the disruption caused by digital technology has only just begun to play out in advertising. "Your Internet technology person will be as important as your creative person," predicts Mark Kvamme, a ...

Leading with Digital

Brandon Berger at MDC Partners has a great article in AdWeek about how to lead with digital: When you lead with digital, "How will the consumer interact with my brand?" is always the first question. The key word there is interact.  The problem comes first, then the audience, then the solution. You don't go into the brief with an expectation of what you want to create; you go into ...

The Craftsman

In thinking about how we design, build, cultivate and nurture, Tim Manners at Reveries shares a wonderful insight: In The Craftsman, Richard Sennett "gathers case after case in which we see how the work of the hand can inform the work of the mind," writes Lewis Hyde in a New York Times book review (4/6/08). Richard’s assumption is that we all have abilities as "craftsmen" and that pursuing those ...

Q Conference in New York [Updated]

I'm heading to the Q conference in NYC later this week, April 9-11. Q is a forum for creatives, social entrepreneurs and innovative thinkers to get together and discuss how each can use their sphere of influence to shape the culture for good. This is my first time attending since it debuted last year, and I'm excited to meet with some the of most creative folks on the ...

Jim Coudal’s Theory of Creativity

Jim Coudal, founder of Coudal Partners, on his theory of general creativity:


Lichtfaktor – a collective of like-minded VJs and graffiti artists based in Cologne, Germany – comprises the talents of $ehvermögen, JIAR and 10X (real names Marcel Panne, David Lüpschen and Tim Fehske). The trio collaborated and developed the artform they refer to as “lightwriting” when Panne, a photographer and resident VJ of Drum & Bass label Basswerk, was commissioned to create a video projection for the Deutscher Ärzte ...

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