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PSFK’s Good Brands Report

The always intriguing PSFK realeased their 2009 Good Brands Report, ranking what they deem as the top organizations leading in "innovation, environmental consciousness, and social policy." PSFK lists some of the common characteristics among the ranked brands as: Utility - Aim to enhance your usefulness for the consumer. In doing so, look not only at your product or service, but the eco-system that surrounds it. Experimentation - Constant innovation is ...

Umair Haque’s Constructive Capitalism

Umair Haque of Havas Media Labs delivered a fantastic talk at the Daytona Sessions on Constructive Capitalism. An extension of his Smart Growth Manifesto, Constructive Capitalism addresses the next generation of how companies are beginning to address the triple bottom line of people, profits and planet not merely out of altruism, but because it's simply a better business model. It’s a revolution that’s already being ignited by innovators as ...

Advertising Agencies Need to Make Things

Culture is shaped and influenced by those who create. Who submit a product into the world for consideration. More ad agencies seem to be realizing that they need "to get out of their chrome towers, mingle with the people and soak up the culture." The New York Times highlights several agencies that are branching out with their own products: Bartle Bogle Hegarty's Zag division launched the fashion blog Mrs. O Brooklyn ...

What’s Wrong with our Celebrity Obsessed Media

Image by Getty Images via Daylife The cult of celebrity is killing our culture. Roger Ebert perfectly captures something I have been frustrated with for a long time: The AP, long considered obligatory to the task of running a North American newspaper, has been hit with some cancellations lately, and no doubt has been informed what its customers want: Affairs, divorces, addiction, disease, success, failure, death watches, tirades, arrests, hissy fits, ...

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  • Holiday weekends were made for par-3 golf with the bro. #replacethepin
  • It takes a lot of boarding passes to get to New Zealand.