Leveraging social media to make great ideas happen

Making Wonderful Things is Simple

Right? Actually, it just may be. The always inspiring Idris Mootee at Idea Couture shares three design principles to creating things that people love: Making great products that people love is pretty simple. It all comes down to three things: A simple user experience, design the product around its socialability of uncovering memories and pleasure of a product... Understand the core feature that a user wants and then relentlessly reduce ...

Apple Markets its New MacBook Series with Great Video Storytelling

Not unlike Nike Labs' earlier work during the Olympics to describe the innovative research and product design behind their new suite of shoes and performance gear, Apple sat down with their design gurus to talk about what makes new MacBooks so special. Listening to Jony Ives and Dan Riccio explain the design and manufacturing process is fascinating, and leads to a greater appreciation for the innovation that is at ...

Social Design’s Fourth Wave

Joshua Porter breaks down social design into three eras, and suggests a fourth stage - where we find ourselves today: Additionally, much of the current evolution of social software is in improving the communication between people who provide a service and people who use a service. This is what I think is meant by “social media marketing”. This is somewhat of the fourth wave…when social applications not only improve ...

Make Your Brand Useful

I've been writing more and more about branded utilities, and it's a marketing strategy our team at Viget Labs continues to embrace. David Armano's latest AdWeek article makes one of the best cases for building a web app as your digital marketing strategy I've read: Well, for starters, unlike my experience on Grainger, many advertisers aren't focused on building the digital applications that people want to use; they're focused ...

The Craftsman

In thinking about how we design, build, cultivate and nurture, Tim Manners at Reveries shares a wonderful insight: In The Craftsman, Richard Sennett "gathers case after case in which we see how the work of the hand can inform the work of the mind," writes Lewis Hyde in a New York Times book review (4/6/08). Richard’s assumption is that we all have abilities as "craftsmen" and that pursuing those ...

Designing the Complete Experience

Sohrab Vossoughi has an excellent article in BusinessWeek about designing the complete experience, saying that, "companies that try to create holistic experiences by emotionally engaging their consumers are flourishing." While ideas can be quickly copied by competitors, Vossoughi writes that: There is still one frontier that remains wide open: experience innovation. This is the only type of business innovation that is not imitable, nor can it be commoditized, because it ...

Making New Things

"Here it is: I like to find (a) simple solutions (b) to overlooked problems (c) that actually need to be solved, and (d) deliver them as informally as possible, (e) starting with a very crude version 1, then (f) iterating rapidly." Paul Graham 

Lasting But Not Least

"We have the opportunity to use our art and craft to redefine wealth in the future. We have the opportunity and the responsibility to create a world where each object and experience is filled with value, where living with less but better is both joyful and meaningful." A Brief Message

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