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NBA and Turner Run the Court with New iPhone App

The NBA and Turner just dished a sweet assist for All-Star fans. (Sorry for the lame basketball pun.) Not only will this weekend's game be streamed online - using additional cameras that won't be aired on TV - but they will balso deliver the stream direct to iPhone users with the NBA All-Star Live app. And taking a play from the Obama inauguration playbook, the video feed will ...

Social Banner Ads Continue to Frustrate

Cross-posted on Viget Engage: Banner advertising has long been the bane of web surfers around the world. Garrish, annoying and ineffective, it's rare that a campaign actually expresses any level of creativity or effectiveness. As social networks entered the scene - ripe with rich, detailed demographic data about each and every user - advertisers simply couldn't resist. But, an odd thing happened on the way to targeting users in ...

Facebook Gives Their Take on Viral Marketing Best Practices

Techcrunch has a brief post about a white paper Facebook published today with tips and suggested best practices for getting the most out of your Facebook Page. While not earth-shattering or entirely new, it's easily a good primer for those still learning how to leverage Facebook for their brand.

Broadcasting the Social Life Mixtape

The last two weeks have brought launches of two important social products. Last week's was Loladex, the Facebook app that let's you create recommendations for your favorite restaurants, bars and local business services - something of a Yelp for the Facebook crowd. And this week's launch of Socialight at CTIA brings an equally impressive service to letting users make these same recommendations on the go with their mobile phone ...

Facebook’s Best Move Yet

This makes me so incredibly happy: Back in August I suggested that if Facebook allowed you to place your friends in specific groups (e.g. professional, social, family, etc) and assign custom privacy settings, LinkedIn would be doomed. While Facebook is going to have to work toward putting an end to LinkedIn, they have announced their intention to launch this new feature. Facebook states: We’ll let you organize that long ...

Facebook Worth $60 Billion?

Just how much is Facebook worth? Depends on what day you ask. Somewhere between $10-60 billion? Who knows!? Only FSJ can accurately capture this level of absurdity: No guff. This baby-faced kid has balls like a friggin gorilla. Few days ago he was turning away Microsoft, saying their offer to buy a piece of Facebook at a $10 billion valuation wasn't high enough because his profitless company was worth $15 billion. ...

Social Networks of the World

Where in the world are the social networks? They're right here.

The Professional Facebook

Web Worker Daily has an excellent post about the best ways to incorporate Facebook into your professional life: Think of Facebook as a professional tool, and that’s what it is. It doesn’t matter how millions of high school and college students are using Facebook to get out of doing homework. You can make it into whatever you want, even your own personal media broadcasting channel. " I'm slowly making the ...

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