Leveraging social media to make great ideas happen

Call + Response

I just saw a special advance screening of the film Call + Response the other evening, and was blown away by the powerful and inspiring "rockumentary" about modern day slavery. With powerful footage of children and women forced into slavery for prostitution, labor or war, the film blends musical performances from Imogen Heap, Moby, Talib Kwali, Natasha Bedingfield and others, with thoughtful and moving interviews from people working ...

Massify Networks the Next Filmmakers

As the marketplace is still lurching towards a more democratized platform of content distribution, we have yet to fully experience the full power of collaboratively-created content. seeks to tap the strength of social networks to create films. While not the first to embark on crowdsourcing film making, the New York Times explains that: Massify members (membership is free and anyone can join) are offered a platform to promote ...

Wes Anderson Marketing Magic

Film director Wes Anderson is proving to be just as adept at promoting his films as he is at making them. From PSFK: Before you head to the theater to see Wes Anderson’s new film, The Darjeeling Limited, you might want to see the prologue. For that, you would have had to go to the New York Film Festival last Friday (crap, we knew we should have posted about ...

Movie Marketing Magic

Time has a quick story about the latest strategies and ploys the studios and their affable agencies have employed lately to promote this summer's biggest films. To wit: "Marketing a summer movie is a bit like choosing the right outfit for a porn convention: in a crowd of exhibitionists, it takes real creativity to stand out." What movie marketing strategies have been Oscar-worthy this year?

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  • Rocked the #seawheeze half-marathon with the wifey! #spocanada #13.1 #lululemon
  • Sunset yoga on the beach with several hundred of your closest friends. #seawheeze #lululemon
  • Radio tower clouds.
  • Holiday weekends were made for par-3 golf with the bro. #replacethepin
  • It takes a lot of boarding passes to get to New Zealand.