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AAAA Transformers Program: Digital Values

Last month I wrote a brief post about why I think Foursquare is the future of mobile marketing. But the more I thought about it, it was less about the Foursquare app itself, and more about the ideas, principles or values behind it that I felt made it so special. If sharing your location with friends was a feature, then perhaps the value is the baking into the ...

R/GA’s Nick Law Talks About the Future of Agencies at Cannes

From AdWeek: "R/GA has established itself as a leading digital agency. It has three pieces of work shortlisted at Cannes, including its "Dear Mr. President" campaign for Pepsi. Nick Law, North American chief creative officer for the New York shop, talks here about the blurring of digital and traditional agencies, the importance of agency culture, and what's next for Nike Plus."

Merry Christmas from the Viget Team

It's Friday before Christmas, and the Viget crew just celebrated an awesome 2008 last night for our holiday party. And while it was a sweet way to congratulate everyone here at the Lab for their hard work, we thanked our friends and clients with this fun little holiday site VigeTurf, complete with plenty of Easter Eggs for everyone to enjoy. There have been lots of great agency holiday work ...

Monday Morning Lineup

It's Monday, and I'm warming up the morning by serving up some fresh coffee and choice links to get the week started. Here are a few interesting items I've come across during my morning read: Small Brands Teach Big Lessons "...They found the more they listened and engaged with their customers -- each spends hours each week personally responding to e-mail messages and even don bacon costumes on the road ...

Social Media: What’s the ‘Big Idea’?

"[Brands] are not there yet. They are on the cusp. They have the technology and know-how -- it's not for lack of trying or creativity," said Rick Webb, co-founder and COO of The Barbarian Group.  As part of their continuing coverage of Advertising Week 2008, AdWeek has brief, but insightful recap of the first Facebook Spark Series discussions. Money quotes: "The definition of a big idea, said Rei Inamoto, co-chief creative ...

The Girl Effect

Still getting caught up on blogging after some traveling the last few weeks, including a stop in Chicago for my first trip to AdTech, but I wanted to share a cool project that just caught my eye. Eric Green of Grow Interactive has a good interview with Marktd about their work with The Girl Effect, a movement led by the Nike Foundation to help give hope to girls living ...

What Advertising Can Learn from Radiohead

A lot, quite frankly. Ian Tait put together this great video about the innovative marketing tactics Radiohead continues to break new ground with. Basically it’s all about how I don’t like Radiohead, but how, through being interesting and innovative, they’ve made me like the ‘idea’ of Radiohead. Imagine if normal brands could do that. Make you care about products you don’t even like that much. I reckon there’s stuff we ...

Cannes Gets in on the Creative+Tech

Digital synergy (sorry) across advertising, marketing and pr continues to make headlines, this time at Cannes. Money quotes from AdWeek's wrap-up: The push and pull between traditional creativity -- centered on the big idea and storytelling -- and the disruption caused by digital technology has only just begun to play out in advertising. "Your Internet technology person will be as important as your creative person," predicts Mark Kvamme, a ...

Using Digital Tools to Build Customer Engagement

William J. McEwen and Rob Kroenert make the case for brands to think about how they use digital tools to build relationships with customers as the key differentiator between their brand and the competition. It's crucial for a bank to have a Web site. It's also crucial for a bank to have ATMs, checking accounts, and computers that keep accurate records. But every bank can claim to meet these ...

Make Your Brand Useful

I've been writing more and more about branded utilities, and it's a marketing strategy our team at Viget Labs continues to embrace. David Armano's latest AdWeek article makes one of the best cases for building a web app as your digital marketing strategy I've read: Well, for starters, unlike my experience on Grainger, many advertisers aren't focused on building the digital applications that people want to use; they're focused ...

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