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Thursday Thoughts: Obama, Sexton and SEO the Google Way

Morning all - wanted to cover a handful of choice items to kick off the day. Over at the Viget Engage blog (where I happily toil during the waking hours, I've cranked a couple posts worth sharing here: Digital Marketing Lessons from the Obama Campaign While political pundits and marketing strategists alike will be dissecting the many strength’s of Obama’s strategy for years, there are several fundamental themes that are ...

Tuesday Linkage

The interwebs are tossing up some choice links this Tuesday: Church and State - The role of religion in modern consumer culture In ad and media circles, where "irreverent" is a common term of praise, it's easy to forget a simple fact: Many Americans are decidedly reverent. Amid all that's new in the Internet era, age-old religious belief still plays a significant role in people's lives, often influencing their relationship ...

Call + Response

I just saw a special advance screening of the film Call + Response the other evening, and was blown away by the powerful and inspiring "rockumentary" about modern day slavery. With powerful footage of children and women forced into slavery for prostitution, labor or war, the film blends musical performances from Imogen Heap, Moby, Talib Kwali, Natasha Bedingfield and others, with thoughtful and moving interviews from people working ...

New Media Jim Stradles the New and Old World’s Media

DC's own Jim Long was featured in a conversation with Shel Israel on GNTV: "A 15-year veteran NBC cameraman, Jim follows the US President wherever he goes. In recent years that has included all continents except South America and perhaps Antarctica. He's passionate and proud of his old media work, but he understands and accepts the world is changing. "I am quickly becoming a dinosaur," he reflects in our ...

Web Campaign Headquarters Extraordinaire

Ira Teinowitz has a great piece in Advertising Age about the impact of the web in this year's election. Money quote: "TV is an advertising medium. The web is campaign headquarters extraordinaire." Read the full story here.

Kenneth Cole’s Social Justice Blog

Kenneth Cole has joined the ranks of blogging CEOs. But rather than discuss corporate issues, Kenneth Cole's new blog - - focuses on issues of social justice: That's why I want to embrace this freshly released outpouring of opinions, loves, hates, fears and desires under four pillars of discussion that are part of the DNA of my Company and myself: Social Rights, Hard Times, Well-being and Political Landscape. However, ...

Texting with Obama

To date, I've been impressed with the Barak Obama camp's grasp of social media and how they've incorporated it into their strategy, even using Twitter to post updates from the campaign trail. Now they've taken it a step further and introduced two-way texting, allowing people to text questions to the Obama team. Sadly, as this US News story highlights, if you're going to offer a service, make sure you've ...

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