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Tuesday Linkage

The interwebs are tossing up some choice links this Tuesday: Church and State - The role of religion in modern consumer culture In ad and media circles, where "irreverent" is a common term of praise, it's easy to forget a simple fact: Many Americans are decidedly reverent. Amid all that's new in the Internet era, age-old religious belief still plays a significant role in people's lives, often influencing their relationship ...

Where the Hell is Matt?

I don't have a lot else to say on this other than this is simply a surprisingly inspiring video clip, and I simply want to pass it along. It's just simply that good. Chambers has a good recap: Matt Harding decided to quit his job and travel the world where he began shooting videos of himself doing a little dance in front of monuments. He started a website called ...

Call + Response

I just saw a special advance screening of the film Call + Response the other evening, and was blown away by the powerful and inspiring "rockumentary" about modern day slavery. With powerful footage of children and women forced into slavery for prostitution, labor or war, the film blends musical performances from Imogen Heap, Moby, Talib Kwali, Natasha Bedingfield and others, with thoughtful and moving interviews from people working ...

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Snapshots from my life.

  • Rocked the #seawheeze half-marathon with the wifey! #spocanada #13.1 #lululemon
  • Sunset yoga on the beach with several hundred of your closest friends. #seawheeze #lululemon
  • Radio tower clouds.
  • Holiday weekends were made for par-3 golf with the bro. #replacethepin
  • It takes a lot of boarding passes to get to New Zealand.