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PSFK’s Good Brands Report

The always intriguing PSFK realeased their 2009 Good Brands Report, ranking what they deem as the top organizations leading in "innovation, environmental consciousness, and social policy." PSFK lists some of the common characteristics among the ranked brands as: Utility - Aim to enhance your usefulness for the consumer. In doing so, look not only at your product or service, but the eco-system that surrounds it. Experimentation - Constant innovation is ...

Umair Haque’s Constructive Capitalism

Umair Haque of Havas Media Labs delivered a fantastic talk at the Daytona Sessions on Constructive Capitalism. An extension of his Smart Growth Manifesto, Constructive Capitalism addresses the next generation of how companies are beginning to address the triple bottom line of people, profits and planet not merely out of altruism, but because it's simply a better business model. It’s a revolution that’s already being ignited by innovators as ...

Blog Action Day Takes on Poverty

Today is Blog Action Day 08, and right now, 11,717 blogs reaching an estimated audience of 12,549,780 readers are talking about eliminating poverty around the world. While talking about poverty is all fine and good, it's worthless if it doesn't lead to action. The worst thing that could happen right now is if you read this post and then went along without responding. This is the call for justice ...

Support The Idea Village and New Orleans

The Idea Village is launching 504wards $100,000 Business Competition for entrepreneurs with business ideas that retain and engage the 23-35 year old demographic in New Orleans. Created by Trumpet, they've also launched a YouTube campaign about the innovative new program. Our mission is to engage and retain New Orleans' best and brightest: the talented and ambitious young people like you, people committed to working hard, playing harder, and giving ...

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  • Rocked the #seawheeze half-marathon with the wifey! #spocanada #13.1 #lululemon
  • Sunset yoga on the beach with several hundred of your closest friends. #seawheeze #lululemon
  • Radio tower clouds.
  • Holiday weekends were made for par-3 golf with the bro. #replacethepin
  • It takes a lot of boarding passes to get to New Zealand.