Leveraging social media to make great ideas happen

Social Media: What’s the ‘Big Idea’?

"[Brands] are not there yet. They are on the cusp. They have the technology and know-how -- it's not for lack of trying or creativity," said Rick Webb, co-founder and COO of The Barbarian Group.  As part of their continuing coverage of Advertising Week 2008, AdWeek has brief, but insightful recap of the first Facebook Spark Series discussions. Money quotes: "The definition of a big idea, said Rei Inamoto, co-chief creative ...

Social Ad Summit: Branded Experiences on Social Networks

Sometimes there are just too many incredible events in one week to attend them all. While most of my time was consumed by the Web 2.0 Expo (you can check out my review of the conference), I would have liked to make it to the Social Ad Summit earlier in the week. In particular, I wish I could have sat in on the Branded Experiences on Social Networks ...

Reporting on the Best and Worst of Online Communities

Cross-posted from Viget Engage Two important reports were released today with enlightening perspectives on social networking and online communities. Jeremiah Owyang of Forrester Research released their Best and Worst of Social Networking, 2008, and Deloitte release the 2008 Tribalization of Business Survey, where the WSJ reports on the study's findings of why most online communities fail. The Forrester report has some of the more interesting results, with a great report ...

Social Banner Ads Continue to Frustrate

Cross-posted on Viget Engage: Banner advertising has long been the bane of web surfers around the world. Garrish, annoying and ineffective, it's rare that a campaign actually expresses any level of creativity or effectiveness. As social networks entered the scene - ripe with rich, detailed demographic data about each and every user - advertisers simply couldn't resist. But, an odd thing happened on the way to targeting users in ...

Web Campaign Headquarters Extraordinaire

Ira Teinowitz has a great piece in Advertising Age about the impact of the web in this year's election. Money quote: "TV is an advertising medium. The web is campaign headquarters extraordinaire." Read the full story here.


After seeing this list, I thought I'd give FriendFeed a shot. Anything to roll web services into one simple aggregation tool. Feel free to follow/subscribe/be my new friend here. Cheers.

YouTube Everywhere

I wrote yesterday on the Viget blog that ultimately, Hulu may struggle because it is too closed - NBC is too focused on Hulu as a destination, rather than maximizing the distribution of it's content. Today's announcement by YouTube for an expanded set of APIs takes the opposite approach - doing all that they can to provide more options for interacting with YouTube from anywhere you are. Fred Wilson ...

Mixx Added to the New York Times

As you know, I'm a big fan of the DC-area startup community. We've got some of the best talent around. That's why I was so excited to see Techcrunch's post that local social bookmarking company Mixx joined the ranks of the social bookmarking tools on the New York Times. I recently signed up for the service myself, and have so far been very impressed with the experience. You ...

Massify Networks the Next Filmmakers

As the marketplace is still lurching towards a more democratized platform of content distribution, we have yet to fully experience the full power of collaboratively-created content. seeks to tap the strength of social networks to create films. While not the first to embark on crowdsourcing film making, the New York Times explains that: Massify members (membership is free and anyone can join) are offered a platform to promote ...

Just the Right Fit

eMarketer is reporting that, "In less than five years, nearly half of all U.S. Internet users will visit at least one social networking site on a monthly basis, as will more than 80 percent of all teenagers – a demographic that is fueling the growth of the category by making it a core part of their Web surfing experience." And while I'm excited about what these numbers mean for ...

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