Leveraging social media to make great ideas happen

AAAA Transformers Program: Digital Values

Last month I wrote a brief post about why I think Foursquare is the future of mobile marketing. But the more I thought about it, it was less about the Foursquare app itself, and more about the ideas, principles or values behind it that I felt made it so special. If sharing your location with friends was a feature, then perhaps the value is the baking into the ...

Om Malik’s 3 Macro Trends Transforming the Web

Om Malik highlights 3 big trends that are transforming the web experience. The web is transitioning from mere interactivity to a more dynamic, real-time web where read-write functions are heading towards balanced synchronicity. The real-time web, as I have argued in the past, is the next logical step in the Internet’s evolution. The complete disaggregation of the web in parallel with the slow decline of the destination web. More and ...

The Wall Street Journal Talks Twitter for Business

The WSJ has a good article on the business applications for Twitter. A few money quotes and examples: Twitter can be useful for keeping up with friends, but businesses are also finding ways to employ it. Daniel Rothamel, a real-estate agent from Palmyra, Va., follows feeds from more than 1,000 people, including neighbors and fellow real-estate professionals. The 27-year-old searches the site for people who indicate that they are ...

New Media Jim Stradles the New and Old World’s Media

DC's own Jim Long was featured in a conversation with Shel Israel on GNTV: "A 15-year veteran NBC cameraman, Jim follows the US President wherever he goes. In recent years that has included all continents except South America and perhaps Antarctica. He's passionate and proud of his old media work, but he understands and accepts the world is changing. "I am quickly becoming a dinosaur," he reflects in our ...

Is Twitter a Game-Changer for Movies?

I think Twitter is a game-changer for movies. Last night Iron Man opened here in several theaters around DC, and most of the Tweets getting thrown around were by folks eager to head to the theaters or trying to meet up with friends at the advanced screening of the Marvel movie. Within seconds of the movie finishing, the reviews came pouring out - nearly all positive, at least, according to ...

No More Hiding

Corporate brands are increasingly being shaped by their employees' presence on social networks. Ever Tweet, blog post and photo shared with the world shape more and more of their employer's image and reputation. And as Ed Cotton writes, this is a good thing: If you trust your employees you can let them out of their cages and cubicles and empower them to represent your brand in the real world. They ...

Twitter Trending with Twist

Brand managers rejoice - you now have a tool to track trends in Twitter. Similar to Facebook Lexicon or even Google Trends, Twist is a dead-simple tool for tracking the frequency of keywords in Twitter. Developed by the good people at Flaptor, Twist allows users to see the trend of searched terms over time. Ideally, as conversations continue to leave the blogosphere for other digital outlets, hopefully more services ...

Social Media Works for Small Business

Small businesses are primed for social media. An article in this week's Wall Street Journal showcases several small entrepreneurs who leveraged the blogosphere to earn the kind of publicity and lead generation they never could have afforded with traditional marketing. Businesses of all types and sizes are focusing on the power of bloggers as opinion shapers. But harnessing that power is particularly important for small-business owners who don't have the ...

Explaining Twitter

Explaining Twitter to someone unfamiliar with the addictive service can be a lesson in futility. Thankfully, Common Craft has a video that makes it possible for anyone to understand: Relatedly, I overheard at a recent event that Twitter was one person's "human-filtered best-of-the-web." I couldn't agree more.

Maximize Twitter

Getting the most out of Twitter will mean something different to each person. For some it's a social tool. For others it's crucial to making their corporate brand feel human. Whatever your perspective, Dan Zarella has an excellent post at Read Write Web about of 10 great ideas to maximize your Twitter account: Match your usernames and avatars Search Twitter for users mentioning your favorite social site Search Google for profiles on your favorite social news ...

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